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Kevin Craig Kieran Schwab


Available in the city that never sleeps!

Available At This Link :)


HAIR: Brown
EYES: Blue
HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT: 150 lbs.


2017 Uncle Vanya - Jefferson Market Playhouse (Vanya)
2017 Blithe Spirit - Parkside Players (Director)
2016 Edward's Closet - One Act Festival (Jacob Marley)
2016 Gross Indecency: The 3 Trials of Oscar Wilde - Jefferson Market Playhouse (Oscar Wilde)
2016 Legally Blonde: The Musical - Forest Hills High School (Director)
2016 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - Parkside Players (Director)
2015 Complete Works Of William Shakespeare -Tour (Daniel)
2015 Keeping Up Appearances - FAPC Theatre (Edward Milson)

2014 Living Doll- Piney Fork Theatre (Daddy)
2014 The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (Abridged)- Parkside Players (Daniel)
2014 CUNY Gala- Gotham Hall- Performer (Billis, South Pacific)

2013- President Muyskens Retirement from CUNY- Queens College Lefrak Concert Hall (Solo Performer)
2013- South Pacific - Queens College Mainstage (Luther Billis)
2013 Romeo and Juliet- Queens College Wandering Players (Friar Lawrence)
2013 Assassins- Queens College Summer Theatre (John Wilkes Booth)
2013 Peterpat- Grand Ninja Productions/Parkside Players (Director)
2013 The 39 Steps- Parkside Players (Richard Hannay)
2012- Superbunny- GandWLLC (Director)
2012 Macbeth- Queens College Wandering Players (King Duncan, First Murderer, Caithness)
2012 The Music Man- Bryant Theatre Company (Harold Hill)
2011 Into The Woods- Parkside Players (Director)
2011 Two Gentlemen of Verona- Queens College Mainstage (Antonio)
2011 Grease- Bryant Theatre Company (Doody)
2010 Parkside @ 30: A Musical Celebration (Producer/Performer)
2010 Much Ado About Nothing- Black Henna Productions (Leonato)
2010 Animal Crackers- Parkside Players (Captain Jeffrey "Groucho" Spalding)
2010 The Dining Room- Stanner Players (Director)
2010 1776- Bryant Theatre Company (Edward Rutledge)
2010 The Lion In Winter- Parkside Players (Director)
2009 A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum- Stanner Players (Director)
2009 Pinky The Pig And A Few Hallelujahs- Peculiar Works Project (The Man, Larry)
2009 Tuesdays With Morrie- Beari Productions (Mitch)
2009 Our Town- The Stanner Players (Director)
2009 You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown- Bryant Theatre Company (Snoopy)
2009 Rope- The Parkside Players (Rupert Cadell)
2009 Godspell- The Stanner Players (Director)

2008- Barefoot in the Park- Parkside Players (Director)
2008- The Cocoanuts- Parkside Players (Groucho "Schlemmer" Marx)
2008- Guys and Dolls- The Stanner Players (Director)
2008- The Fantasticks- Bryant Theatre Company (El Gallo)
2008- Proof- Parkside Players (Director)

2007- Rumors- Archbishop Molloy Stanner Players (Director)
2007- The Tempest- Parkside Players (Prospero)
2007- My Fair Lady- SGTG (Henry Higgins)
2007- CUNY Gala honoring Marvin Hamlisch- Marriot Marquis Broadway Ballroom (Singer)
2007- Joseph... Dreamcoat- Archbishop Molloy Stanner Players (Director)
2007- The First Person Portrayals- Connecticut Tour (Pontius Pilate)
2007- Roulette- Outrageous Fortune Company (Director)

2006- Fools- Archbishop Molloy Stanner Players (Director)
2006- Catch Me If You Can- Parkside Players (Director)
2006- NYC Fringe Festival Aisling Arts "Imminent Indeed" (Macheath)
2006- The First Person Portrayals- The Actor's Chapel (Pontius Pilate)
2006- Twelve Angry Men- Archbishop Molloy Stanner Players (Director)

2005- The Sunshine Boys- Parkside Players (Director)
2005- Lucky Stiff- Parkside Players (Harry Witherspoon)
2005- Force: Wanderlust/Threshold- Aisling Arts Workshop(Ed/Rob)
2005- Breakfast for Dinner- Oracle Theatre Inc. (Jerry)
2005- Dial M For Murder- Parkside Players (Director)
2005- The Donkey Show- Club El Flamingo (DJ Hernando Pacheski)

2004- Crazy and a Half- Parkside Players (Director)
2004- The Donkey Show- Project 400 (Club El Flamingo) (DJ Hernando Pacheski)
2004- Maurice and Therese: Story of A Love- Blackfriars Theatre (Narrator)
2004- The Butler Did It- Parkside Players (Director)
2004- Hamlet- Genesis Repatory Theatre (Leartes)

2003- Life's A Dream- Aisling Arts (Astolfo)
2003- Sacrament of Memory- Blackfriars Rep Theatre (Dr.De Corniere/Fr. Faure)
2003- Love's Labour's Lost- Massachusettes Tour (Biron/Holofernes)
2003- Love's Labour's Lost- Aisling Arts Regional (Longaville/Holofernes)
2003- Something's Afoot- Parkside Players (Geoffrey)
2003- Original One Act Festival- QC Little Theatre (Director/Actor)
2003- A Midsummer Night's Dream- QC Mainstage (Theseus/Oberon)
2003- Nobody Knows I'm A Dog- The Red Room (Horndog)
2002- Guys And Dolls- QC Main Stage (Nathan Detroit)
2002- Moliere's The Doctor In Spite Of Himself- QC Little Theatre(Sganarelle)
2002- Once Upon A Mattress- Parkside Players (Prince Dauntless)
2002- CUNY Gala- Godspell Revisited- Marriott Marquis Grand Ballroom (Director/Jesus)
2002- WASP by Steve Martin- QC Little Theatre (Dad)
2002- Aaron Copland's The Tender Land- QC Mainstage
(Assistant Director to Charles Repole)

2001- The Marriage Of Figaro- QC Mainstage (Count)
2001- Blue Window- QC Mainstage (Griever)
2001- Room Service- Theatre Time (Leo Davis)
2001- Godspell- QC Little Theatre (Director/Jesus)
2001- A Duet For Shy People- Original Musical- QC Little Theatre (Director)
2001- The Zoo Story- QC Little Theatre (Director)
2001-Seven Ages Of Man-QC Mainstage"Infancy"(Moe)/"Childhood"(Father)
2001- Veronica's Room- Parkside Players- (Producer)

2000-The Pearl And The Pumpkin- Dramatist Guild (Assorted roles)
2000-Carousel- Queens College Mainstage (Jigger Craigan)
2000-The Fantasticks- Queens College Mainstage (Hucklebee)
2000-The Mineola Twins- Queens College Little Theatre (Jim Tracy)
2000-The Diary of Anne Frank- Beari Productions (Peter Van Daan)
2000-You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown- Parkside Players (Linus)
2000-Bus Stop- Queens College Mainstage (Bo Decker)
2000-The Nerd- Parkside Players (Axel Hammond)

1999-The Chairs- Queens College Little Theatre (Old Man)
1999-A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum-Parkside (Hero) 1999-The Music Man- Blackfriars Theatre Group (Charlie Cowell)
1999-Annie- The Mary Louis Academy Genesians (Oliver Warbucks)
1998- Little Shop Of Horrors- St. Gregory's Theatre Group (Mr.Martin)
1998-42nd Street- The Mary Louis Academy Genesians (Julian Marsh)

1997-Godspell- Blackfriars Theatre Group (Jesus)
1997-Guys And Dolls- St.Gregory's Theatre Group (Joey Biltmore)
1997-Nobody Knows I'm A Dog- Parkside Players (Plato)
1997-Cinderella- The Mary Louis Academy Genesians (Prince Charming)

1995-South Pacific- Blackfriars Theatre Group (Lt.Buzz Adams)
1994-Bye Bye Birdie- Blackfriars Theatre Group (Harvey Johnson)
1993-Sound of Music-Blackfriars Theatre Group (Frederich)
1990-Camelot- Parkside Players (Sir Tom Of Warwick)
1985-The King And I-Diocesan Theatre Guild (Youngest Prince)

2002- Bingo Balls (Si Deville)
2003- Triad (Griff Randall/Voice of Roy)
2004- Lost Marble (Wes Vassy)
2005- Star Struck (Gary Strycker/Billy Glenborne)
2006- The Decathalon (Jerry Simon/Zeke Dawson)
2006- Our Hero And The Ring (Garfield the Grey)
2007- Muse (Yuric Tiki)
2007- 60, A Schwabrock Short (Mack Lauer)
2007- Our Hero And The Ring: The Two Trailers (Garfield the Grey)
2008- Reunion (Gregor Valeyur)
2008- Our Hero And The Ring: Return of the Thing (Garfield the Grey)
2009- Like Love (Oliver Pinion)
2009- 45, A Schwabrock Short (Mack Lauer)
2010- So Noted (Bert Gentle)
2010- E state of mind, A Schwabrock Short (Justin T. Marquett)
2011- Losing It (Linus Continental)
2011- Art Imitates Life
2012- The Schwabrockumentary (Himself)
2012- Mental Block (Brandon Hill)
2014- Schwabrock's My Dinner With Andre (Andre Gregory)
1997- Woody Allen Fall Project: Celebrity
2000- The Jimmy Show
2000- Todd Solondz's Storytelling
2001- TNT's Monday Night Mayhem
2002- Sex And The City
2002- Party Monster
2003- Verizon Wireless "House Party" Commercial
2003- Bill Condon's Kinsey
2003- Imaginary Heroes
2003- Taxi
2004- Prime
2005- Brother's Shadow
2014- NBC's Believe

I can now be seen at Queens College teaching Intro To Acting and getting ready for the next Schwabrock Feature Film.