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For a short time, this was my headshot.
Thank you Debbie Erenberg!

I do not update this section as often as I should!


My brother Brian and I dancing at The Gates (which are the saffron smudges in the background). We were really just making fun of the iceskaters who fell...


Hair Flip

Yes this is what I look like in the morning. Doesn't it make you just want to... go take a shower and look presentable. My friend, Katie, once told me that I should never wash my hair. That's gross and unappealing. Thanks Katie.

Veritable Coffee Commercial


Someone said that looks are in the eyes of the beholder. And I have found that when you're looking in a mirror, these eyes become egotistical. In general, though, I would have to say that looks don't mean much if you're not a good person on the inside. I can see goodness in someone's core character. And boy am I a brutal judge of character.


To The Right

This is me leaning on a bed. Someone told me my arms look strange. You should see how they normally look! Anyway... I am not a predator encountering prey in this picture. Rarely do I do that.


To The Left

This is me in a yellow/orange picture. I am not sure what that expression is. All guesses are welcomed.


Grooming Myself

I don't like the angle of this picture. It will be replaced when I scan new ones that I like. Savor it while its here...