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I thought my website needed a page devoted to my favorite Trek series. I have always been a fan of science fiction and I enjoy reading fantasy novels and so on but when it comes to televised sci-fi joy, I have always been thoroughly impressed with Star Trek.
And of all the Trek series (5 of them now) Deep Space Nine has always been the wonderful example of what kind of show I myself would wish to have the joy of working on.
The writers, creators, cast members and producers formed a world complete with a wonderful arc of character growth, adventure, science fiction and intriguing, spectacular stellar excitement.


From the first episode "Emissary",the audience knew Deep Space Nine was a different type of show that was even unique to the Star Trek universe.

Regularly, the Trek shows had been about starships zipping through space encountering lifeforms and either saving the day or throwing the entire quadrant into some sort of chaos.

Deep Space Nine was the prarie town in the great frontier of space. Whereas Star Trek and The Next Generation were both based on exploring the galaxy, DS9 (as fans call it) let the galaxy come to us.

When it aired, people found it the antithesis of what Trek was meant to be. "What? No starship?" they would say. "What? Starfleet on a Cardassian station orbiting Bajor?" came the shouts.

People were not happy at first but then again, first impressions are not always what is important.

Eventually, DS9 became a reality behind the other shows. It enhanced the Trek universe and backed up episodes we had seen on the other series with even more information, follow up data and continuous flow of idea and sensation.

In the first season alone, in order to bring in the audience from TNG, characters we knew and either loved or tolerated from other series were sprinkled into the plots in order to make the galaxy a surprisingly small place in a believable manner.

The Duras sisters were involved in political subterfuge.

Lwaxanna Troi was an ambassador with no one to love.

Q was playing his usual tricks and found the less stable shows had more need for him.

These additions aided the show in several ways. It did allow a small carryover of audience and also upheld the continuity necessary on a series that spun off from another Trek hit.

With or without realizing it, the creators of DS9 had formed the basis for a space soap opera with continuous arcs and tremendous growth in character, scenario and appreciation to detail.

The creators also knew to save some of their storylines for the right moment. There were set ups that allowed for major pay offs and details that were made to fit the mold later in the run. A clever writing staff who cared about every sentence being believable and tracable worked very hard to create through lines from episode to episode that depicted station life like a little one horse town.

There was gossip and meals and a wonderful addition to the Trek tapestry: a Ferengi bar. A place where the change of pace can always be quickly altered and scenarios unlike other Trek series can be initiated. Quark's Restaurant, Bar and Holosuite Emporium allowed for a touch of night life, down time and relaxation. It was also a den where criminals and suspicious characters added spice to the alien terrain.

Amazing moments in the history of the show begin in the first season episode "Duet" where Kira is forced to uncover a truth about a diseased Cardassian- the race she has lived her entire life hating. In this final scene, an incredible moment of clarity washes through her as she sees for the first time that hatred is not absolute.


The opening of the second season created another level of intrigue into the Star Trek realm and introduced a permanent political labyrinth which would evolve into a facet of the series and multidimensionalize Bajoran culture.


The second season also provided the audience with a glimpse into the lives affected by broad political change when a new treaty placed the lives of Federation citizens on the wrong side of the Cardassian border and were forced to leave their homes. This impactful development showed an ugly side to the usually pristene Federation and believably built a case for both sides of the coin that is terrorism.


Following The Maquis two-parter which shows us that Earth is a paradise and the inhabitants have it easy because "It's easy to be a saint in paradise", we learn just how difficult life can be out on the fringe of space.
The next major event of DS9 is "The Jem'Hadar" when we meet the soldiers of the Dominion. I wouldn't want to give it all away but this marks the beginning of one of the most important stories to grace Star Trek and changes the face of everything and everyone on Deep Space Nine...

Aside from the Bajorans who become the true center of much of the plot for the early seasons and the Bar where countless happenings propel the development of characters, the backstory to Deep Space Nine is thoroughly impressive.

We have a Starfleet officer who lost his wife during the battle of Wolf 359- one of the most popular occurrences in the Trek universe from the third season TNG episode, "The Best of Both Worlds" in which the one and only Captain Jean Luc Picard is assimilated by the cybernetic race: The Borg.

Added is the Occupation of Bajor by the power-hungry and vicious Cardassians. A militant race of villains you love to hate. The spice of this history adds volumes to the types of political growth that the show allowed to underline the everchanging tapestry that was the final fronteir.
I have also begun working on a website that follows the Deep Space Nine: Relaunch books which are an unofficial eighth season to the series and continue the adventures of our favorite characters. Here is the link:

"Walk with the Prophets!"


In addition to the class I used to hold once a week (and plan to hold again), I have also begun creating a Star Trek series of my very own. Its in the same vein as Trek and has a lot of interesting and fun characters on a starship 50 years after the Trek that appears on DS9, Voyager and TNG. The generation after the next generation if you will.
Below are pictures of my character in this series, the Trill captain of the USS Enterprise-G, Bo'Kev Ran. It's been a lot of fun and there are countless adventures that can happen with the right crew mixture and an entire history that leads up to it all.
The Trill spots in the picture aren't extremely clear but I hope you get the point! The body artwork was done by Francesco LoJacono.
I need to update these pictures because I think the more I do it, the better they look. Funny story! Well... if you have a sense of humor... I had the spots on and the sun was blaring. When I washed them off at night, I found I had a sunburn around all of the spots. In essence, I washed them off just to have them in the reverse color for a few weeks permanently on my skin. Very fashionable. I highly recommend them!